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company news about What are the mobile data collection methods?

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Company News
What are the mobile data collection methods?
Latest company news about What are the mobile data collection methods?

With the development of information technology, effective and accurate data has become an important basis for the healthy production of enterprises. Therefore, at this stage, the development of the industry, including the details of the company, has begun to form a professional data collection system. However, traditional means often waste a lot of time and manpower and material costs, while the effect is not obvious. At this stage, with the application of artificial intelligence hardware devices, electronic information security such as handheld terminal RFID handheld devices can be used to realize convenient application in various ways. Today, let's take a closer look at the mobile data collection methods based on handheld terminals. What is the difference between RFID handsets?


Based on the different means of obtaining information, handheld terminals can be mainly divided into two categories: one is based on bar code or two-dimensional code information scanning, which is common in our lives, such as logistics, warehousing, retail, etc. One is an RFID handset that reads data from a chip circuit through a non-physical contact radio frequency identification technology to achieve data acquisition. At this stage, the two mainstream functional technology modules can be loaded onto the handheld terminal, realizing the mobilization operation.


Bar code, two-dimensional code scanning handheld terminal: Bar code includes two-dimensional code, which is essentially expressed by professional coding means according to information. The barcode is expressed in the form of multiple black bars and white bars of different widths, and the two-dimensional code expresses the data through different black and white small squares on the plane. Relatively speaking, two-dimensional technology has certain advantages, and has greater storage capacity and stability. Therefore, at present, what we see in our lives is generally a two-dimensional code. However, for some industries or enterprise applications with relatively small data storage requirements, one-dimensional handheld terminals, such as logistics and retail, will still be used.


Radio frequency identification handheld terminals, also known as RFID handsets. According to the difference of frequency bands, it is mainly divided into three types: low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency. The intuitive performance mode is the size of the range that can be read. The low-frequency rfid handset supports RFID reading and writing in the 125k~134.2k band, and the reading range is small. The high frequency support band is 13.56MHz, YX9183A, which can read 20cm. The UHF can read a distance of 1~3 meters, and can read tens of meters to 100 meters with special labels.

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