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company news about What aspects of handheld terminal integration in the ticket inspection process?

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Company News
What aspects of handheld terminal integration in the ticket inspection process?

When it is necessary to perform the ticket checking process on many occasions, a large number of hand-held terminals or RFID handsets are now used to quickly check tickets. In addition to the increase in efficiency, it seems that the intelligence of industrial PDA does not bring any intelligent applications that are conducive to our internal management and future development. So, is the handheld terminal a single identification technology device? In fact, as an artificial intelligence application in the field of social industrialization, the RFID handset represents the intelligent development of the Internet of Things, representing the application trend of the future industry. The ticket inspection industry PDA also has the same advantages in many aspects.


1. Database production binding: The anti-counterfeit ticket can be made by an RFID tag printer. Each ticket has a unique unchangeable ID number and produces the corresponding database data.


2. Ticket sales: When the ticket is sold, the ticket vending machine can write the name of the ticket holder, the ID number, the expiration date and the effective number of the ticket, etc. in the RFID anti-counterfeit ticket by reading the database number, etc., according to specific needs. set. The system database will add the ID number of the ticket sold to the list of legal tickets as a basis for checking the authenticity and statistics.


3. Checking and counting statistics: When the ticket holder verifies by verifying the identity (such as the airport), the authenticity check of the ticket is similar to the authenticity check of the document, that is, the RFID handheld terminal reads the ticket. Information, and use the wireless communication function of the RFID handheld terminal to retrieve relevant information from the back-end database, and compare with the ticket holder's ticket to judge the authenticity of the ticket, and at the same time read the record and all the read The ticket information tag is uploaded to the data server for review.


Advantages of the system: In addition to real-time identification of true and false tickets, big data analysis can be performed through data and verification records transmitted back to the server by the RFID handheld terminal, thereby determining which entry time period is the peak traffic period, thereby rationally arranging personnel and mobilizing resources. And can provide improved ideas and basis for follow-up work; RFID tickets use the high security features of RFID, the forgery is very difficult, the cost can be issued in large quantities; RFID handheld terminal mobile ticket verification can greatly improve flexibility and work efficiency Wherever people have a large flow of traffic, they can mobilize their hands at any time.

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