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company news about What can RFID handheld terminals do in a financial asset escrow security system?

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Company News
What can RFID handheld terminals do in a financial asset escrow security system?

As an important foundation of the market economy, the financial industry often carries the economic lifeline of a country, and it is also a direct manifestation of the high value of assets. Therefore, financial security is not tolerable for any society or institution. Financial institutions need to carry out a large amount of cash escorting work every social day, so it is particularly important to achieve safe and effective escort system management. And this requires us to do two things: first, the security of the items we transport; second, real-time monitoring and dynamic query based on information applications. This requires us to implement this using industrial PDA devices such as handheld terminal RFID handsets.


We may wish to compare and compare the traditional banknote dispensing methods of handheld RFID terminals. The problems encountered by the banknote dispensing team from the banknote dispensing center to the ATM machine are as follows: 1. The safety of using mechanical locks is poor. The management is difficult: if a static password is used, the password will be kept by the fixed personnel. If the person encounters something temporarily, the replacement will result in the password leaking and the password needs to be changed. In addition, the password needs to be changed periodically, and the management is difficult; the password is managed by the personnel, which has potential safety hazards. If the key is used, the key will be kept by a special person, and the key will be easily copied and lost, posing a safety hazard. 2, the supervision is difficult, can not understand the operational details in the process of dispensing, the identity of the personnel can not be accurately identified, the accident can not be traced. These two points are the masterpieces of handheld terminal RFID handsets.


For example, in the current financial security escort system, we use RFID handheld terminals to intelligently monitor and manage, and the handheld terminal can upload vehicle geographic location information in real time and communicate with the banknote distribution center at any time. When the cash and the item are sent to the ATM machine, the handover person and the password are confirmed by the handheld terminal, and each step of the process is recorded and sent to the management center.


As a professional-grade industrial PDA device, the handheld terminal has the perfect quality that other intelligent hardware does not have. He can not only support the differential application of multi-industrial scenes, but also have certain means of identification of Internet of Things technology. This has important implications for the monitoring of escorted objects, the docking process of personnel, and real-time safety supervision.

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