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company news about What is the application of smart handheld terminals in the field of surveying and mapping?

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Company News
What is the application of smart handheld terminals in the field of surveying and mapping?

Surveying and mapping, as the name suggests, is to obtain accurate data through field observations, and then to draw and display the data in graphic form. It has a wide range of applications in social construction and economic development. Both municipal planning and environmental protection are inextricably linked to surveying and mapping. In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology and the use of intelligent hardware equipment, it has brought new vitality and subversive revolution to the modern surveying and mapping industry. In particular, based on handheld terminals or tag reading RFID handsets, it has become an outdoor measurement artifact, achieving today's highly informatized. So, what are the advantages of smart handheld terminals in this field?


Data acquisition is a big advantage for handheld applications. In the actual measurement work, we now need to collect the information into corresponding detailed real data through field investigation and data collection, and then can draw through the obtained geometric position and other information. Therefore, in the traditional business, we carry a large number of surveying tools and record files, and record them through paper or the rest of the media. After returning to the workplace to transcribe the PC, it wasted a lot of time. Using the handheld terminal intelligent application RFID handset, we can collect the geographical information location of the machine in the mobile; record the data in the device after the data is collected; then transmit it to the PC at the office through 4G or WiFi, Bluetooth and other functions. End, draw. The application of the handheld terminal saves a lot of data transcription time and is of great significance in improving the handover efficiency.


The functions of the handheld terminal include features that provide protection for off-site mapping environments in multiple environments. With the development of information technology, hardware device applications have become inevitable. However, the traditional PDA device application has the following problems in this field: 1. The outdoor work environment is changeable, and it is easy to cause damage to electronic products. 2. Electronic equipment is difficult to carry. We originally need to carry a large number of instruments for mapping, etc., if the volume is large, it will cause great inconvenience. 3. The outdoor landscape has no features, and it is difficult to find it later in the early stage and even needs to be repositioned. A series of problems, such as handheld RFID handsets, can be solved.

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