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company news about What is the meaning of the hand held terminal in the meat intelligent changeability chain?

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What is the meaning of the hand held terminal in the meat intelligent changeability chain?

The changeability management system realizes intelligent, full-track tracking management of beef cattle individuals throughout the life cycle to ensure food safety. Give full play to the advantages of RFID hand held terminals, easy to identify, flexible, and resistant to pollution, especially suitable for batch operations. It can track diseases and epidemics in a timely manner, help management, and reduce losses. At the same time, it can avoid the problem that beef cattle appear in the market and endanger people's health.


In the Internet of Things, there are certain solutions for animal changeability management. It can track and monitor the breeding, transportation and slaughtering process of beef cattle and other livestock. Especially when an outbreak occurs, it can be traced back to better manage the cattle. .


An intelligent beef cattle tracking management system based on RFID hand held terminal identification technology. Through the intelligent system, the health department can track animals that may be infected with diseases to determine their belonging relationship and historical traces. The use of RFID tags with a globally unique identifier enables rapid and efficient identification of animals and collection of data information.


Each RFID tag can be connected to a database with specific information about each cow such as date of birth, vaccination status, breeding status, such as pedigree, etc., while the intelligent system provides instant, detailed information on the entire process from birth to slaughter. , reliable data information. This enables traceable management of cattle and cattle products from rearing to final sale.


The data stored in the RFID electronic tag is not easy to change and lose, and the uniqueness of the RFID electronic tag number makes the RFID electronic tag an electronic ID card that the beef cattle will never die. 100% of the one animal can be used to trace important information such as the breed, source, immunity, treatment and medication status and health status of the cattle. When slaughtering animals with RFID tags, the information in the RFID tags and the data of the slaughterhouse They are stored together in the supermarket sale label for selling the beef meat. Once the problem is found, the source of the problem can be traced through the computer, which is beneficial to management analysis, timely detection of problems, and quality assurance of meat quality.


In addition to helping enterprises to automatically distribute feed and output statistics, RFID hand held terminal intelligent system can also be used for livestock identification, disease monitoring, quality control and animal species. It is extremely effective in tracking the health of cattle and controlling the occurrence of the epidemic. the way

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