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Why is the handheld terminal also called an industrial PDA?

Speaking of PDA, I believe everyone knows that PDA can be understood as a handheld computer, with a handheld intelligent electronic hardware device. Usually, the mobile phones, tablets, and handheld game consoles we use can be called PDA. So what is an industrial PDA? What is the difference with an ordinary PDA?


In fact, as a smart handheld computer, PDA can be divided into two categories: one is a consumer PDA, such as the mobile phone, tablet, handheld game console, etc. we use every day; the first is the industry we are talking about today. Grade PDA, such as our common barcode scanners, RFID readers, etc., are classified as industrial PDA because they are widely used in the industrial field.


So what kind of conditions should I have as an industrial PDA?


1. Industrial PDA handheld terminals represent higher stability for industrial scene applications.


Compared with ordinary PDA products, industrial-grade PDA handheld terminals are more suitable for industrial scene applications. In the process of use, there is no inevitable loss of equipment caused by the environment. Consumer PDA, such as mobile phones, are well known. Fragility is its biggest drawback: once you accidentally drop it, the broken screen will be heavy and the motherboard will be bent: if you accidentally enter the water, you will not be able to continue using it. In contrast, industrial PDA handheld terminals have higher stability. For example, the iron man series handheld terminal of Beijing Speedata, the frame of the whole machine adopts magnesium-aluminum alloy structure, which perfectly protects the main board; the outer cover rubber design plays a great buffering role. In our industrial use, it is inevitable to encounter all kinds of harsh environments. Therefore, the Speedata Iron Man series handheld terminal can easily meet 1.8M arbitrary drop, waterproof and dust-proof, and can be used normally in rain and snow, at -30°C. Sustainable work is the king of PDA performance.


2. In order to meet the needs of the industrial field, industrial-grade PDA handheld terminals have more comprehensive business functions.


The function is the second advantage of industrial grade PDA handheld terminals. Compared to the consumer PDA we use in our daily lives, industrial PDA handheld terminals have more specialized applications that meet the needs of the industrial sector. For example, high-precision GPS and laser temperature measurement for surveying and mapping; applied to petroleum and petrochemical, coal mine chemical explosion-proof; applied to express logistics, warehouse tube retail fast scanning, label reading; data acquisition for mobile operations , remote upload, etc.; used for fingerprint inspection of the inspection, second-generation license reading ... and so on. With the power of industrial-grade PDA handheld terminals, you can easily respond to the application needs of all walks of life. Beijing Speedata Technology provides professional and efficient intelligent industrial grade PDA handheld terminal solutions for business needs and applications in various industries, and has become a benchmark in the industry.

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