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company news about Wide application of face recognition technology in intelligent hand held terminals

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Company News
Wide application of face recognition technology in intelligent hand held terminals

Smart finance: brushing face cards, remote loans, self-opening accounts, paying for face payments, etc. With the rise of smart hand held terminal face recognition technology in the financial industry, more and more commercial applications have surfaced. Basically, face recognition technology has three main application directions in the financial field: self-service terminals, counter systems, mobile finance and marketing. ”


Smart business: The application of face recognition in the commercial field is mainly the business intelligence analysis system. In the physical business, the drainage of the target customers and the precision marketing become the important expenditures of the commercial cost. The traditional passive shopping mall logo, manual push and shopping guides have reduced the efficiency, making the precision marketing with artificial intelligence as the core become the new growth point of the business. The face recognition system can make full use of the feature recognition and induction ability of machine vision for the face, and use the gender, age, mood, etc. of the customer as the corresponding features of the business demand, and push the content of interest to the customer in real time to target the merchant. Customer group diversion and precision marketing; on the other hand, through the observation and learning of different people's interest content, gradually improve the matching accuracy of the target crowd push content.


Wisdom Public Security: The application of face recognition in smart hand held terminals in the field of public security is to achieve registration management of illegal personnel, network pursuit, comparison and post-processing, and portrait comparison can also be used for criminal investigation, social stability, etc. Business. The face recognition photo comparison system is used for fast identification, and searches for a specific person's identity in a large number of databases. It makes full use of the very valuable face photo clues, greatly speeds up the process of identification of suspects by public security investigators, and accelerates the process of “scientific and technical police” to form a highly intelligent, socialized and large-scale public security system. Provide effective technical means.


Wisdom Social Security: The smart hand held terminal face recognition system ensures the security of basic pension funds and prevents fraudulent use of pensions. The face recognition technology is introduced into the face recognition self-certification, and the information in the document is automatically read locally, and the face of the verified person is automatically detected and captured, and the face photo on the document is obtained, and the face recognition is performed by HD. The analyzer compares with the face of the on-site certificate holder, checks whether the holder and the current document are the same person, and uses the uniqueness of the face recognition feature to accurately and conveniently realize the effective verification of the identity of the insured person. Reduce the loopholes in insurance, and avoid the problems of fraudulent insurance and fraud. The application of face recognition technology can not only effectively stop the loss of pensions, greatly reduce the workload and improve work efficiency; at the same time, it can optimize the quality of service services and reduce service friction, which greatly facilitates the retirees and truly plays a role. Three arrows, one stone and three birds

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